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    (After just installed Ubuntu) error: out of disk grub rescue>

    Dear all:
    I got a problem that after I just installed Ubuntu 11.04. When I restart the laptop again I got a message as follow:
    error: out disk
    grub rescue>

    instead of the boot menu for different version of Windows

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    Which other operating systems do you have on the computer?
    Did you install the Ubuntu Grub bootloader to the master boot record?
    Are you trying to boot with a third party bootloader?
    Can you boot anything from the hard drive?

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    I have two Windows installed before installed Ubuntu 11.04
    They are : English Windows XP at C:
    Chinese Windows XP at D:
    One NTFS (may be FAT32, I am not sure)followed the two drives
    One SWAP (may be around 2xxx Mbs) followed
    One ext4 to installed the Ubuntu 11.04
    (after I checked the device with comand : fdisk -l
    I found that the drive for Ubuntu is sda

    I am not sure the installation procedure asked me where to installed the boot loader in every trial or not. I can remember some.

    I only want to use the boot loader in the Installation bundle at this time.

    Before I installed the Ubuntu 11.04. The boot loader for the two Windows is as follow:
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Microsoft Windows XP

    But after I installed the Ubuntu 11.04. I restart the computer, after the BIOS message I found only:
    error: out of disk
    grub rescue >

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    I haven't installed Ubuntu but ,it's previous version defaulted to install the Grub bootloader to the master boot record and it would ordinarily create a boot menu entry for windows systems installed. My understanding is that this error occurs when Grub cannot find the grub.cfg file. See the link below at the Ubuntu site: Line and Rescue Mode

    It explains the process to try when you get that prompt.
    I think a problem you may have is booting two different versions of xp. Grub doesn't boot windows but rather chainloads so it would need to point to the correct partition. Linux partition naming conventions are different from windows. You will not see things like "C\:" or "D\:" for Linux partitions.

    If you are unable to resolve the problem with information from the link below, boot your Ubuntu CD to the Desktop, go to the Applications tab and find Terminal. Open it and run this command to get partition information to post here:

    sudo fdisk -l(lower case Letter L in the command)

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