Here's my problem: I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, and the latest version of Wine. I'm trying to install Age of Mythology, standard version. I've already installed MFC42.dll, copied PidGen.dll to the system 32 folder in wine, and added an override for PidGen.dll (native, builtin). My main problem is when it comes to swapping disc 1 for disc 2. Wine has already auto-detected every drive I have currently installed. I've already tried ejecting the volume, inserting disc two through the gui, used the terminal to unmount and mount the discs, tried to load disc 2 using wine, using a copy of the files off the drive in place of the disc drive, and for whatever reason, the installer refuses to acknowledge that disc 2 is physically in the drive. Not to mention, the copy didn't work either.

My best guess is that it's a wine error, and I might need a patch or optional utility to get this game going. I know I need a no-cd crack/patch to have it run on Ubuntu, but I can't really replace the AoM.exe if it's not installed. Help would very much be appreciated!

p.s. -Whenever I exited the installer and tried to re-install without rebooting the computer, I would get a message for every file saying it was in use by another program. I'm guessing Wine also had a hand in it from running the previous installer, but it's still a symptom. Thanks for reading.