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    Why is my terminal acting weird?

    For some reason when I type something in on my terminal, and the commands take up the entire line, instead of going to the next line, it just goes back to the beginning of the line it is already on. Also when I try the backspace it goes all the way back to the line just above it. This has been happening to me for ALL of my terminals.

    btw I tried attaching a video demonstrating this onto my post; but it won't let me do that for some reason unless I upload it to some other site.

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    My suggestion is try to find a stock ~/.bashrc and a stock /root/.bashrc for your version of Ubuntu and compare them with yours to see if yours was changed for any reason.

    Maybe google will turn up those 2 text files by searching for them.

    If yours don't match. Replace with the stock ones you find.
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    Yeah, and I'd recommend looking at the PS1 prompt, in particular. I've had the exact same problem when I was trying to get too clever with fancy PS1 prompts.

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    actually that is exactly what happened to me, I had '\\a' in my PS1. I don't know what \\a means, but apparently it has something to do with not moving to the next line

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