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    Exclamation error: no such device need help cant do anything!!

    HI i had linux mint and saw the new ubuntu on my friends pc at work, so i deleted the partition mint was on and insterted his install dvd. all i got was :
    error: no such device
    grub rescue>

    I have tried 3 differant install cd's and a usb , I cant get back to windows and cant get past this error , thanks for any help!!

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    Sounds like it is trying to boot from the hard drive. You will need
    to find how to enter BIOS setup. and set the boot order to boot from
    the cdrom. There may be a momentary prompt on the screen like
    "hit del to enter setup" or something along those lines.

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    thanks for your quick reply but i did have it set to boot from dvdrom

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    The fact that it booted to a grub rescue prompt made me think that
    it is trying to boot from the hard drive. It could be booting from
    the cd but immediately failing to recognize the drives. In the past,
    there have been problems with the installers failing to see sata drives,
    but that was several years back.

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    so i deleted the partition mint was on
    There was no reason to do that. As you have found, you now rendered your machine unbootable. If you were using the Mint Grub bootloader because most of its files were on the Mint partition. All you needed to do was select the Mint partition to install Ubuntu to and select to format it during the installation.

    Other than the suggestions by rcgreen, check the connections on the DVD drive. Might be loose or try another DVD to see if the drive is good.

    At what point in the install do you get this error?

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    I get the error before the install even starts when the screen is black and the cursor is blinking. I am thinking about just wiping my HDD's and starting over with win 7 and UBUNTU 11.10 if i cant find a solution by tomorrow morning but now I know not to delete the partition lol

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    I agree with rogreen, your system is trying to boot from the hard drive. When you get that message, it's just telling you that grub has a problem. In your case you deleted the partition with grub installed on it and now it's gone. If your bios is set to boot from cd first then there is a hardware problem, probably not a software problem. You might want to try to burn the iso at a slower speed, i've heard of people having issues with this in the past. Like yancek said check your connections and try a different drive. post back with results so we can help further if possible.

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    Try to press f12 and boot from CD. If it doesn't work, cd/dvd/bluray drive's damaged.

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    try your mint disc again and if it works instal it and then instal the Unity desk top from the repoes I did that on lm 12 and it works just fine

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