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    Yes, now we know what you want. Its very good (it is) to know how you have thought to solve your problems and what you have done so far, but what someone wants to do helps a lot.

    Even so, I'm afraid I can't help you there because I never did it that way. Thinking of it, it will be nice if you could restore the clone image without the need of a working system on the destination hosting, but I don't see how.

    I don't do it that way, with cloning, I mean. If I do need a working system on destination, I install a fresh new system (or use the one they gave me) and restore just the data (files, drupal, mysql databases, confs, ...).

    For backups I use rsync with ssh, if possible. For that I use backuppc, but you can do the same in cleaner and shorter forms. As a note, you may need to do the backup as root. So I use a special user with only visudo permission for that.

    If ftp is the only possibility, I use lftp. The thing is a mirror option. See lftp.1, if you wish:
    lftp has built-in mirror which can download or update a whole directory tree. There is also
    reverse mirror (mirror -R) which uploads or updates a directory tree on server.


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    Looking forward to hearing back from the other guys - this solution will be helpful to a ton of people.

    All The Best,

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    Hi There!

    Any updates on this solution?

    Thanks much,

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxhombre View Post
    Hi There!

    Any updates on this solution?

    Thanks much,
    So far, the other responders have all had good ideas. If your intention is to move these to a server farm in the future, where you don't necessarily have full control over the hardware and such, you need to do a couple of things carefully.

    1. Back up your OS so you can install the /boot, /, and /home separately. FWIW, you don't need to backup swap. In your case, you don't want a bit-image of the file systems, but file-level copies because you don't know how the target systems will be partitioned as yet, size of discs, etc.
    2. Use something like rsync to keep the backup images up-to-date with the running system(s). Do note that there are some directories in a running system that will not be backed up, such as /dev, /proc, etc. You might also want to skip /var/log as well unless you really want to keep copies of your runtime log files. You should be able to use rsync to create the initial images. Read the man pages and other available documentation and How-To wikis on the web for information how people use this very powerful tool.

    As for using ftp to save the images to a remote site, try to avoid that if you can. Part of the problem with ftp is that things like file ownership and permissions are much more difficult (and in some cases, impossible) to maintain, and I think you probably really want to do that. Also, ftp does not maintain symbolic links, which rsync can, AFAIK.

    Finally, whatever methods you determine will work best for you, be sure you do a full round-trip test to be sure that you will end up with a functioning server after a backup and restore to another system. Some stuff you may need to do manually, such as fixups on grub configuration files, although there are grub tools that should take care of most of that for you. However, it is entirely possible that your target system will be different enough in hardware that you may need different drivers installed, or boot options configured. Only testing will tell, so test early and test often.
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    OK, so next best thing is rsyc.

    What is your recommended approach to my situation in rsycn's regard?

    Thanks SO much - forever grateful.

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