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    Compile Errors ??

    Hi, I'm new to this forum ... and having a problem with compiling on Linux (Ubuntu 11:10)

    I am also new to using Linux (so this may well be my problem!!) but I have been successfully using CodeBlocks on Win7 for a couple of months now for some simple VST plugin development.

    I am trying to get to get the again VST plugin demo from the Steinberg SDK to compile using CodeBlocks. I have successfully done this on a Windows PC, but on Linux it isn't working. I have done everything the same (except directories and linker paths are different of course), but I am getting errors

    For example, the aeffect.h header file contains this line of code:

    126. *typedef VstIntPtr (VSTCALLBACK *AEffectDispatcherProc) (AEffect* effect, VstInt32 opcode, VstInt32 index, VstIntPtr value, void* ptr, float opt);
    which is generating this error:

    /home/mark/SoftDev/SDK/vstsdk2.4/pluginterfaces/vst2.x/aeffect.h|126|error: expected ) before * token|
    Why is the compiler expecting *) before * ?? *It's fine on Win7 *and I am using GNU GCC as the compiler for both platforms.

    None of the code is mine, it's all just the SDK demo code that I am using as a means of testing a setup for working on Linux. But as it worked on Win7 I need some guidance on what I am missing & what is going wrong here.

    Many thanks

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    This is probably because the SDK that you are building is a Windows-specific library. It may be configured to build on Linux also, but you may have to alter some compiler or build settings in the CodeBlocks environment.
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