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    Strangest Problem Yet

    Ok, this is the strangest problem I have yet to encounter with Ubuntu.

    My computer (running Ubuntu 11.10) is unable to use the Internet through either the Wireless LAN connection or the Ethernet connection. It will connect to the network in both instances, but thats about it. I am unable to access the internet. As soon as I connect this computer, the entire connection becomes unresponsive and I have to disconnect and re-start the router to restore the connection. All other devices connected to the router are unable to access the internet as soon as the Ubuntu computer is connected.

    If I boot Ubuntu straight from the USB stick it is installed from, then all internet functions work just fine. Because of this, I have been able to rule out a hardware issue as the cause of the problem.

    Sorry if this is a bit confusing. I'm trying my best to describe the situation. I may make a video this evening to help document the problem.


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    Hmmm... a head scratcher for sure. Just a few random thoughts... maybe it's a resolve issue? Are you running DHCP or static IP? If static, run dhclient for your device...
    /sbin/dhclient eth0
    This will get an IP the router wants to give out plus will write the nameserver (IP of your router) to /etc/resolv.conf. But that wouldn't explain why other devices get locked out of Internet connectivity. Is it possible you have two machines trying to use the same static IP? that will cause connection problems for sure.
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    The Ubuntu machine, along with all devices on the network are using DHCP.

    I originally thought it might be a driver issue, but after hours of scouring the Internet, I was finally able to locate the driver information. The drivers for the ethernet adaptor and the WLAN adaptor are up to date.

    I'm really at a loss here because this is my main machine, and I havent been able to access the internet since windows vista crapper out on me and I switched to Ubuntu.

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