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Thread: 5 giga

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    5 giga

    I downloaded 5 giga linux, now I can't download nothing because the hard disk is limit to 5 giga, how can make it bigger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockNroll View Post
    hard disk is limit to 5 giga, how can make it bigger?
    Hello and welcome!

    If you have a 5 GB hard disk, you can't make it bigger. You could replace that drive with a larger capacity drive, though.

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    I've never heard of a 5GB hard disk. 4 yes, but never 5. I'm not sure exactly what the OP downloaded, or what he did with it, or what size HD he has. Not much information in the first post.

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    5GB hard drives are really rare. So I assume that he may has partitioned his hard drive to have one partition of 5Gb or he uses an old external pocket drive.

    If the hard drive is just partitioned, you can download the file into another partition.

    Otherwise you would have to get a drive with more space. In this case there are two possibilities:

    Either you buy a hard drive (cheap, sizes beyond 100GB) or a usb stick that nowadays are cheap too and are shipped with sizes around 8GB or 16GB.


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