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    Grub2 size and possible issues.

    I have an ssd with a 4k page size. It has a windows partition as the first partition aligned to 4096 bytes prior to installing ubuntu.

    I have read that grub2 requires a certain amount of space between the member and first partition. I do not know the size of the extended grub configurations that are not stored on the member are.

    Installed ubuntu from live usb and the bootloader works fine for both windows and ubuntu... I am not sure but the ssd is smart so it will automatically localize corrupted sectors and so forth -- not sure if this has anything to do with anything at this point.

    Windows was not working very well in the first place and loads slow can't make any estimates on whether or not it is slower now..

    1. Is there a way to view the partition offsets from ubuntu?

    2. How do I find out how much space grub2 uses between the member and first partition? My current setup has less than what the grub2 info page says you should have. Current space between member and par0 is 3,584 a total of 4k before par0 from beginning of disk.

    I want to make sure everything is ok b4 I move on restoring my windows files from my backup zips.

    and would really like to extract the xp.wim from mini xp and boot from that on hard drive.... so I have a minimal install that runs microsoft virtual pc. then move on to bigger and better things...

    I am not using windows for most of my tasks at hand..
    I do not want to restore files to a corrupt partition, the partition is also 512 sector and 512 block ntfs par0. ubuntu par1 ext3.

    pls. help

    If I can format to raw and dd images starting on specific sectors and load them from grub2... this will solve my issues, I picture using my bootloader in advanced ways, I understand how the standard allocation works on my drive and am going to be very happy to upgrade to an ssd that is not confined by the old track, sector and cylinder addressing skeme.

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    Is it a better idea to move to a dedicated grub partition with regular grub rather than grub 2 ?
    I think this will make my life easier and I can control the alignment that way making grub the first partition.
    I would hope I could make grub the first partition and still boot windows on partition 2...

    Should I maybe use grub4dos?
    I will probably want the ability to boot from images on a vfat partition on an external drive.
    I will also want to boot ubuntu on partition 3 with ext3 filesystem.

    Please advise on the bootloader that would be best in my situation, I am kinda confused without menu.lst

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    Any info on simulating or working with ffs in ubuntu will help me too

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