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    Question Boot Up Error - plymouth main process (217) terminated with status 2

    Hi guys!

    I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden my laptop wouldn't boot up =O

    I would get the following screen:

    init: plymouth main process (217) terminated with status 2
    exec: 11: mountall: Input/output error
    init: mountall main process (221) terminated with status 2
    init: plymouth-stop pre-start process (227) terminated with status 1
    Filesystem check or mount failed.
    A maintenance shell will now be started.
    CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and continue booting after re-trying filesystems. Any further erros will be ignored
    I have an older version of linux, i believe 9.04 and always refused to update anything

    i found another forum post of someone who appeared to have a similar problem as me:

    and tried
    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
    but got:
    mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /mnt busy
    mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is mounted on /
    Are there any kind and knowledgeable people out there who can help? i hope i don't lose my files

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    Okay so I don't really know the solution to this, but i figured out how save my files.

    I just loaded the install cd live, then was able to see my hard drive. However some folders were "Permission Denied" b/c I was not the owner =O

    But then i typed "gksudo nautilus" into the terminal, and i got around the "Permission Denied"

    I'm such a badass hacker!
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