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    Lubuntu - wHow do I set LC_TYPE=en_US

    It would seem that my window manager is being messed up by the variable LC_CTYPE. From doing a little research it needs to be set to en_US before X starts.

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    Please Google the article "hackerfactor twm"

    How can this be done on Lubuntu as it starts X when the system boots?

    Here is a picture of my problem you can see the title bars and menus are being rendered double scale.

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    To do what you're trying to do, you need to use
    sudo nano /etc/environment
    and add the line
    if LC_CTYPE is not already defined in the file. Then do a full reboot.

    (all this according to riables)

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    Thanks for the help but the fix didn't seem to change anything after a reboot. TWM and vTWM both still have double sized text.

    Oddly enough my system has become unstable after the change (system freezing and keyboard lights blinking). This cannot be directly tied to the change so I can't say for sure that was the problem. I do know it did not appear to fix my dilemma.

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    Look for this directory:


    In it, see if these files exist:


    modify one of them to add your hack (put it before the exec of twm, etc.) and see if that works.

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    Hmm, I don't know that that helped either. I find it sort of annoying that the *buntu flavors sort of take over login and display managers. It makes it difficult to know exactly where the entry point is into X11.

    This information might help you.
    (prefix with h t t p: if need be)

    Thanks again.

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    What about using LANG="en_US" instead of the other variable name?

    I know that gets set on my RH/Fedora systems in the /etc/sysconfig/i18n file, but that probably doesn't exist on your *buntu box. Try looking for LANG or LC_CTYPE getting setting somewhere, e.g.:

    find /etc/ -type f -exec egrep -H "(LANG|LC_CTYPE)" {} \;
    Edit: run that find command as root, or pipe the permission errors to /dev/null to make sense of the output
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    Thanks atreyu.
    Hopefully this will help others.

    There is a file in lubuntu called
    I changed it to:
    Then selected Default for the language selection on the login screen.

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