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    keyboard accelerators for menu stopped working on Kate editor in 11.10

    As stated in the title, keyboard access to the menu items has stopped working.

    When I hit the alt key, nothing happens. So for example, by hitting ALT-F instead of bringing up the File menu, an "f" is inserted into the open editor window document. Not what I want..

    But this is (a) only happening in KATE. For example, ALT-F in gedit works fine to bring up the file menu. (b) this is happening after latest reboot: the menu accelerators had been working fine before that.

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    Am I alone in experiencing this issue? Any hunches out there? I could imagine this were possibly (a) Kate specific issue - most likely ? (since gedit works fine) (b) gnome (c) ubuntu unity (d) XWindows ?


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    Hi the following is interesting information: I rebuilt KATE from SOURCE. Here is what happened: the KWRITE WORKS properly! The ALT-F for example works fine for bringing up the file menu. But the KATE still has the same problem (/bug.. ) that it puts the "f" inside the document. So there is clearly a bug in KATE itself (and not KWRITE!!) BTW this is working very fine in ubuntu 10.04. So maybe something to do with the Ubuntu Unity

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    Kwrite started to exhibit the same (buggy..) behavior..

    BUT I did find what appears to be a 'real' fix. Add the following to your .bashrc

    export APPMENU_DISPLAY_BOTH=1 kate kwrite

    Now the menu is added to the app itself (instead of using Ubuntu Unity). The "theme" becomes a very archaic version of x windows.. but that's a minor inconvenience .. now the keyboard accessible menus are back!

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