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    Wireless Connection Without Internet


    I am working on a project and part of the scope is for me to broadcast a local version of a custom website (already written) using a small nettop computer, so that others can connect to the computer and view the website. I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on the nettop computer and I have already followed the instruction on how to set this device up as a server (LAMP, but with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL). I thought that I would just need to set up an ad hoc network, however the difficulty is that the project is to be used in areas where there is no internet signal available (hence the necessity to have a local version broadcast rather than having an individual just connect to the website via the internet). All of the "how to's" and tutorials are explaining how to share an internet connection between computers, which wont work in this situation. So in summary I am trying to figure out a way to get my Ubuntu 11.10 computer to broadcast a website on a non-internet network which other devices can recognize and connect to. If you have any advice or guidance, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!


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    1 have not done it, but this was basis of OLPC set up (one laptop per child) where each computer accepted a signal and re-broadcast it so they had a circle chain of workable wireless with one with link to internet. Some searching on that may get answer.

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    You have your netbook ( book1 )
    You have a second netbook ( book2 )

    You've setup you homepage (apache) on book1 with it's whole needed environment (postgresql)

    My fist question, is it running without problem?
    You can test it here: LOCALHOST

    Now you want others to be able to connect via WLAN to your netbook and take a look at your page?
    What you need to do:
    Set book1 ip adress on wlan0 or br0 interface to a fix one.
    example: /
    Set book1 wireless adapter to master mode.

    Set book2 ip adress on wlan0 or br0 to a fix one in the same network ... example: /
    Connect with book2 to the wlan of book1
    If apache is configured to "LISTEN" on and iptables is allowing the INPUT traffic now you will see the page of book1.

    Instead of setting a fix IP on book2 you can also setup a DHCP Server on book1 which will tell book2 what ip it shall take.

    Or you use a WLAN Access point with a DHCP Server installed.
    You would just need to take a look on book1 what ip got assigned and write it into the browser of book2

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