I am working on a project for which I am designing a hotspot of some sort. I am using a small nettop computer, running Ubuntu 11.10, which is using apache2 to set up its own server. The desired functionality of the hotspot is to be able to broadcast a website (html and php codes all included on a connected external hard drive) on its own wireless network so that users can connect to the website even when there is no internet access.

The problem I am running into now is that right now, in order for the user to view the website they are having to connect to my network, open up a browser and then type in the IP address of my nettop. I am looking for a way to redirect they instantly to my website right when they open up a browser (kinda like starbucks does with their log in page). It will not be to a separate authentication page, but to the actual homepage for the website. This is needed because it is ridiculous to have all users know my IP in order to access my site. Please if you have any idea how to do this or any advice, it is much appreciated!

Thank you,