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    triple boot (2x Win7 + 1x Ubuntu) NTLDR + grub no ang0 problem


    First of all, I want to thank You in advance for patience, since I'm a complete noob in terms of Linux advanced features.

    Some time ago I installed triple OS on my laptop.
    1. Windows 7 x64
    2. Windows 7 x64
    3. Ubuntu

    I do not remember how exactly I managed to make all these work, since I was installing it all with help from my more-linux-aware friend who I cannot contact now, but I remember that EasyBCD was used for the installation.

    When I started my system I had a "classic" Windows boot NTLDR with 3 specific choices, as above. When I chose 1 or 2 it just booted into chosen Windows. When I chose Ubuntu, it moved on to Grub and from there the Ubuntu started.

    I do not use Ubuntu too often, just for network testing with iperf, sometimes mtr etc, not many more. I didnt use it for a couple of weeks, but never had any issues with it earlier.
    Today, when I tried to load Ubuntu it stopped before showing me the grub menu as it did before (but after NTLDR and picking "Ubuntu" - so I guess the "windows" loader is fine and there is something wrong with grub). What it shows me now is:

    Try (hd0,0): NFTS5; No ang0
    Try (hd0,1): NTFS5; No ang0
    Try (hd0,2): NTFS5; No ang0
    Try (hd0,3): Extended;
    Try (hd0,4): EXT2: No ang0
    Try (hd0,5): Extended;
    Try (hd0,5): non-MS: skip
    Try (hd1,0): NTFS5: no ang0
    Try (hd1,1): invalid or null
    Try (hd1,2): invalid or null
    Try (hd1,3): invalid or null
    BIOS: Drive=0x0, N=0, S=0

    Try (fd0): invalid or null
    Cannot find ang0 in all drives. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

    Here's what EasyBCD says now:

    All three OS's are located on the same physical disk 0.

    Any guesses how to restore my Ubuntu and why Grub got (I guess) destroyed?

    ps. I tried the search option, but couldn't find anything with exactly the same triple boot scenario


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    I see no answers, so I will just add info, in case in the future someone comes along a similar problem:

    solved with some help from Neosmart Support: there was a problem with AutoNeoGrub files/dirs created by EasyBCD.

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    Posting your self-discovered solutions to your problems here always helps. Others may benefit from your experience/pain! Thanks, and more details might be helpful.
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    See triple boot (2x Win7 + 1x Ubuntu) NTLDR + grub no ang0 problem for some details ... cheers, drl
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