Hey guys, just finished installing Ubuntu.
I have some questions I'm confused about, noobie :S
Can I add delays to a certain Ip address?
Or will I just be adding delays to my laptop?
I just don't get it, I want to add delay to another wireless device, or is it possible for me to bridge my laptop and then plug an etheral cord for delay and ping increase?
I have a ping of 130 1mbps download, if that helps out.

Thanks guys, please help me! I've been searching around with no answers yet, maybe I'm searching the wrong places (google!)

I don't know how to put it, artificial delay?
If you're interested for my reason, I'm trying to level the playing fields for my friend when we play fifa 12, he has a lower connection than I do and is no challenge.
Any help in doing this will be greatly appreciated, I have a wireless laptop and wireless PS3.