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    I dont beleive theres any netflix data that would be stored on the drive so maybe ill try another distro i just tried to burn a xp sp3 iso using k3b and came up with an error while burning. The iso works fine, i ran it in virtual box last night. Is there a better program to use? Oh and all i have at the moment are some tdk dvd+r and i burned at the lowest speed i could.

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    So much depends on hardware. Of the three popular burning programs, only Xfburn works reliably on my machine. Brasero makes coasters, K3B is a crapshoot, but Xfburn works great all the time. You can try them all easily emough, all in Synaptic.

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    Microsoft uses CD/DVD disk copy protection, it's very difficult to make a good working copy of any protected media and we cannot nor will not discuss those matters here as they are illegal and that makes it against forum rules. Google is your friend and will help you find anything you need to master the art of bypassing copy protections. Oh and a better than average CD/DVD drive is a must.
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    Note taken. Google drives me crazy sometimes, when itsall the same info you already know just on every other forum and blog

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