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    Exclamation help with the control.

    Good time .... please help ...
    I was given the task to the control .. and as it turned out, almost all wrong ...
    I took off the job with my choice questions .... I have a big request, help correct the mistakes ...
    thanks in advance ...

    1. Group these IP addresses by network: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

    2. Fill in the port numbers that come to mind when you see below service names (Hope you don’t have to Google; If you used Google – Mark it so)

    http 80, 8080
    ftp 21,20
    telnet 23
    pop3 110
    https 443
    dns 53
    snmp 161
    smtp 25
    tcp здесь я не понял что имелось в виду
    ssh 22

    3. Fill in the service names that come to mind when you see these ports (Hope you don’t have to Google; If you used Google – Mark it so)

    tcp port 110 pop3
    tcp port 3389 rdp
    tcp port 2689 -
    tcp port 139 netBios
    tcp port 389 ldap
    udp port 53 dns
    udp port 123 ntp
    udp port 500 isakmp
    udp port 514 shell, syslog
    tcp port 666 -
    tcp port 3128 kerio firewall

    4. If a pc has a DHCP lease of one day, how long (in minutes) after obtaining that lease will this workstation attempt to renew it?
    720 min

    5. If a pc has a BOOTP address, how long (in minutes) after obtaining that address will this workstation attempt to renew it?
    By default, the BOOTP protocol allocates a dynamic IP-addresses to rent for 30 days.

    7. If a Computer’s IP address is and its default gateway is, which of the following could not possibly be the pc’s netmask? no only no no no

    8. If I wanted to find out the IP address of the host(s) that accept(s) mail on behalf of domain foo. com, what DNS record would I be interested in?
    $ host foo. com
    9. What company owns the IP block
    $ host
    10. To display a list of all manual pages containing the keyword "date", what command would you type?
    $ man date;$ info date.
    11. Linux user accidentally entered cd; chmod 644 . into terminal followed by “Enter/Return” command
    - What problem occurs when he/she logs in the next time, and what level of privilege is required to undo the changes?
    644 – -rw-r--r-- All users have read access, the owner can edit
    This command is run as root. Defualt user can not change the attributes of files and directories.
    12. Write a shell script to append "echo\n123" to the file ".ocean” but only if "sea" and “.ocean” file already exists.
    [ -f sea ] && echo 123 >> .ocean

    14. How would you list 13 files / directories size wise in reverse order?
    $ ls -S

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