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    Clonezilla migrate machine network....possible?


    I have two machines (1) old - has data (2) new - blank. Is it possible to use clonezilla live on both machines and migrate the entire disk from machine (1) to machine (2) over the network?

    If this is possible does anyone have a guide on the best approach to achieve this?


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    Moving data is one thing. Moving the OS from an old machine (more than 3 years old?) to a new one is another entirely. You may be better off installing a new os and up-to-date versions of the software and then migrating the data to the new system. That isn't to say that you can't use Clonezilla as you envision - you can AFAIK. Have you studied in depth the Clonezilla documentation?
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    I'm looking in to clonezilla for the same use. But, in my case I've got a new install being copied to multiple *identical* copies of metal. That *should* be pretty straight forward. But, when you start going from different metal to different metal things can get really complicated, really fast. It can be done. But the only programs that I know of that do it well are paid ones and they ain't cheap. And not only do you have to kick out a fair bit of cash, but even then they take a fair bit of skill.

    Your best bet is to set up the new machine with a new OS, trick it out, hack it up, set up a network connection and then move the data from point A to point B.

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    Thank you both for your input. I shall look in to it a little further. I will probably be going from virtual to physical.

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