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    Quote Originally Posted by rrl View Post
    What series is your graphics core, and what driver do you have installed? I Know you said Intel GMA HD, but what series? Is your graphics recognized as Intel, or unknown? Do you have any issues with your display ie, resolutions problems, graphics tearing, blurry text, etc.., besides the crashes and freezing?
    I have no idea what series my core is or what driver is installed. I've had absolutely no display issues whatsoever. I know this might be a bitter pill for some people to have to swallow - I'm not happy about it myself - but the latest Ubuntu releases are dogsh*t. Right now I'm testing Lubuntu Precise and it notifies me of system errors every 2 mins for Openbox, for Rhythmbox, even for the notifier daemon itself. Its LIKE this has been coded by monkeys quite frankly. I hope there are some Ubuntu developers that see this to be offended. They ought to be ashamed. What was a very stable and very usable, not to mention attractive - OS 2 years ago has been deformed beyond belief.

    A summary of my testing:-

    Debian - advertised as stable but cant even discover wireless networks WHICH EVERY OTHER DISTRO I tested could. What a joke.
    Crunchbang - too tricky to configure for someone at my level of Linux knowledge (5 years of basic use).
    Ubuntu 12.04 - a mess
    Lubuntu 12.04 - even more of a mess, disappointingly
    Mint 13 MATE - at first it seemed really stable, but bugs developed after a couple of hours use
    Fedora - With Gnome Shell is almost unusable, since a Gnome Shell update conflicts with Fedora itself and you cant even change the shell theme or most of the important settings. YUM crashed independently several times. Borderline as bad as the Buntus.

    I'm about ready to scrap GUIs altogether and run apps from command line only. That or just bin the computer. It really is intensely frustrating that Linux (and Ubuntu in particular) was so recommendable 2 years ago but has since gone backwards, or worse, haywire.

    I need a radical solution. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

    Please, no more "have you considered it might be your hardware"-type responses. There is nothing wrong with this PC whatsoever. If you aren't willing to admit that the latest crop of Linux distros are intensely problematic, just leave this thread alone. This is one man's search for a workable OS and an appeal for help in this regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrl View Post
    Have you been able to run any of the current distros, and test them on a different rig for stability? Especially your 1st choice?
    Seriously there is nothing wrong with my 'rig'. I had 10.10 installed on here for about a year and it ran flawlessly. A few weeks ago I installed 12.04 and since then have been on a motorway of disappointment, only changing lanes by trying different new distros.

    It will be really disappointing if I have to revert to a 2 year old OS because the incumbent developers are all pillocks.

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    Just throwing these out here.

    Debian based SolusOS

    Ubuntu based elementary OS

    Fedora based Fuduntu

    Happy Trails, Rok.

    P.S. You think you have problems. I have been doing testing for new release versions of certain distros. I just tried dist-upgrading AntiX testing 12 to AntiX Final. Long story short.

    antiX-forum - View topic - Upgradeing from testing to final.

    So good luck. All the distros I recommended I have heard good reports on. Plus the are live isos so if you no likey. No harm done. I use usb boot often to save on cds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    Just throwing these out here.
    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I shall skip Elementary as I am enormously skeptical now of anything based on Ubuntu, but will be sure to check out Solus and Fuduntu and report my findings back.

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    I'm sorry, Ubuntu devs have failed you.

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    You might try going to and searching for a distro not based on ubuntu or debian. Maybe something based on RedHat or Slackware. PCLinuxOs is also an alternative.
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    Well thanks to all those who responded. Particular thanks to rokytnji who recommened Solus. So far I've found it to be exactly what I'm looking for. Its based on Debian Stable, so its Stable, and has some new apps carefully backported. It looks nice too, and is configurable. Above all, it doesn't give me any error messages or crashes whatsoever. Thumbs up to the Solus team. I will be recommending it to others for sure.

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