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    Processes taking a while at boot


    I am trying to improve the boot time of my Ubuntu 12.04 installation, which is already pretty fast but what the heck. I was looking through the kernel logs from a recent boot (/var/log/kern.log) and found a process that was taking a long time

    [    8.144000] init: plymouth-stop pre-start process (1116) terminated with status 1
    [   12.483178] Easy slow down manager: checking for SABI support.
    The first process takes more than four seconds to complete. I know plymouth has something to do with the splash screen but can this be cut down? Also, easy slow down manager is a package that enables things like brightness control on my netbook, I got it from here: (Linux On My Samsung)

    I know thisisn't exactly a critical problem, I'm just being pedantic really, but surely that 4 seconds isn't right?

    Anyway, thanks in advance

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    Have you installed preload? I have no idea how this would effect the issue above. But, it does speed up your overall system performance if you have enough free memory and clock cycles to load a bunch of stuff at boot. I haven't run any bench marks, but I *think* my boot cycle got a little quicker too.

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    Thanks for the response. I installed preload but I haven't noticed any real difference, and the original problems haven't fixed themselves. Think I'll just live with the boot time I've got. Talk about first world problems...

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