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    Question Backup image of hard drive

    Hey All,

    I had a question that I am hoping someone could help me with. In the Windows world, if I needed to image a system, I simply used Norton Ghost on a boot disk, and took a copy. Unfortunately, if I try that for my hard drive that has a linux OS on it, the process fails (well it succeeds, but creates a 56 KB file or so). I have seen a program called Ghost for Linux (G4L) that is supposed to work, but I cannot seem to get it working for the life of me.

    I was hoping that a). someone could either link me to a guide (written for dummies) that could help me achieve an image of my ubuntu machine (preferably to a file archive .gho, or the equivalent). I was also hoping b.) if someone could answer if it would be possible than to apply that image to a hard drive in a seperate machine with a larger hard drive (I assume I could use disk part or some other utility to increase the size of the partition afterwards)?

    Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sorry for the ignorant questions, I just couldn't seem to get this one working for me.

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    How did G4L fail? Are you creating a CD/DVD with G4L on it? Is the CD/DVD not booting or what? There are alternatives to G4L such as Clonezilla and the simple but very effective dd command.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTbob View Post
    There are alternatives to G4L such as Clonezilla
    I second the Clonezilla suggestion. It's worked without fail for me every time that I've used it.


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