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    headphones not working

    I have the past half hour been searhing for any way to fix this issue, no matter what I do the headphones doesn't seem to be working... Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hmmm, not really a lot of information here to go on, but you could try these things:

    - Your headphones work, don't they? You've tried them with another audio device to check? Have you tried plugging a set of speakers into your headphone socket?
    - Your audio system is working normally over the speakers in, isn't it?
    - Have you opened your audio tool on the Linux desktop? You may have a separate 'mute' control or separate volume for the headphone out.
    - Run alsamixer in a text console, it can sometimes give you control of stuff the desktop audio volume icon doesn't, so it may show a mute or volume for the headphone port.
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    I can't really provide much info... I upgraded to the newest version of Ubuntu and bang not working...

    - I have tried so far 3 diffrent headphones/speakers and none of them works. And I have double checked that the headphones are plugged in correctly.
    - Yes
    - It appears that it haven't recognized that my headphones is plugged in, it ain't giving me any option for my headphones.
    - I tried configure any options in alsamixer one after one, nothing happens..

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