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    Problem with Installation of 12, 11, 10 .....

    I am new to Linux / Ubuntu.
    I just wanted to "play" with a non windows OS.
    The PC is an old Dual AMD MP2400+ on a MSI K7D motherboard with a AGP video card and 3.5 GB ram.
    Currently the PC has a dual boot installation with W7 and XP.
    When I try to install Ubuntu 11 and 12 I get an error message after about 30 seconds:

    [ 98.769311] "amd76xrom" amdxrom _init_one() : Unable to register resource [mem 0xffff0000-0xffffffff] - kernel bug? 97.064571] shpchp 0000:00:10.0: Cannot reserve MMIO region

    Does anyone recognize this message or similar and what does it basically mean?


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    Hello, does the system boot/install otherwise?

    I have found this for you:
    This message is generated as the early kernel is figuring out what is in its address space. This range, 0xffxx0000-0xffffffff is where the BIOS lives in 32 bit address space. None of this matters to the running of the system. The address space appears to be reserved so the kernel doesn't allocate it to something else. The message is "frightening" but little else. It is just as normal as the earlier messages that reported that it could not be reserved in the iomap either. These early 64 bit parts were weird and the kernel is reporting as such.

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    IS the machine 64 bit? Did you use an AMD or 64 bit capable distro?
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    Thanks for the reply,

    Windows7 and Xp are installed and booting.
    Ubuntu is not getting anywhere. No install or boot.
    The PC is an AMD MP2400+ and is 32 bit only.
    I am using the 32 bit installation disk.

    The link seems to more report the problem rather than give a solution - unless I misread it.

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