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    Blank screen when trying to boot ubuntu 12.04.1

    You may have seen this problem before (I say that because of the amount of results googling got me) but I think mine is a little bit unique at least. I have been trying to install ubuntu 12.04.1 on my girlfriend's laptop for the better part of the day and this is what I got.

    First attempt was to boot it with USB, something I have done at least 3 times before. Anyways upon booting through the usb I hit the Install to Hard Disc option and a bunch of text went flying down the screen then it went blank and stayed that way, and nothing i could do changed anything. Almost the same thing happened when I just tried to boot the operating system from the USB without installing. None of this worked so I decided to try something else.

    My second attempt was to use Wubi or whatever it is called to install ubuntu. Seemed to be going well until it asked me to reboot, then it just went blank again. Well then I tried restarting once more and I got the windows boot manager, selected ubuntu and the screen went purple. I thought I had finally succeeded but the screen went black again.

    Something to note about my situation is that sometimes when I turned off in the middle of the black screen I could see a flash of some content before the screen shut off completely, this also happened sometimes when i close the laptop and open it up again.

    TLR: Some graphics problem with booting, but it is strange because it seems capable of running the graphics but I really have no idea what to do.

    Please help oh capable linux gurus!

    EDIT: Since I made this thread I made an ubuntu CD and no matter what I do it always goes to a black screen with an insertion point, then that disappreas and i get a black screen, and there still seems to be activity going on in the cd drive. BUT now that I have the cd I assume i can try other options that will allow it to move on without a black screen? Please help!!! I've been stuck on this all day :/

    SOLVED!!! I just plugged in another monitor and everythign showed up over there.... Hope this helps some people with similar issues though!!!
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    It could be hardware but you haven't posted any information on what hardware you have so that would just be a guess.
    Are you saying you have used the flash drive to install Ubuntu on other computer?
    If you tried the wubi install, which version of windows are you using?

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    Sorry for not providing you with enough information. The computer in question has Intel pentium T4500 CPU and mobile intel 4 series express graphics. I haven't tried using the flash drive to install to another computer, but what is currently on the computer is the Wubi install that I did. The wubi install was done on windows 7 making the system dual boot ubuntu and win7. My plan though was to delete the windows 7 partition as soon as i got ubuntu working correctly.

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    My plan though was to delete the windows 7 partition as soon as i got ubuntu working correctly.
    You will need to do something other than a wubi install then. Wubi installs Ubuntu inside windows as a program and if you delete the windows partition, you delete Ubuntu. You would need to install Ubuntu to its own partition after resizing your windows partition if it takes up the entire drive. If you have windows 7, there should be software available to do that. How did you create the bootable flash drive? If you have 1GB or more of RAM that's not the problem. I've read a number of similar posts in regard to newer Ubuntu versions but I'm not an Ubuntu user so don't have any insight.

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    I'm gonna try using a disc in a bit, my friend just let me have one of his. I was just gonna use Gparted to get rid of the windows partition... that wouldn't work? I created the bootable flashdrive using the pendrivelinux software on their website. The computer in question has 2GB ddr3, idk why the ram would matter though.

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    Okay so checked the md5sum of the file and i'm pretty sure that was what went wrong the first time, or at least part of it maybe. I came to this conclusion after already burning a disc. But that doesn't explain the problems I had with wubi...

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