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    Ubuntu distro in Beagleboard


    im running 11.10 distrobution on my TX beagleboard where i am trying to receive some GPS data from a receiver.

    My board is connected to a HOST PC via minicom where i am trying to recieve GPS data into my beagleboard.

    I tried doing cat /dev/ttyUSB0..but instead of shows on the receiver that its transmitting and receiving. I am not sure what my beagleboard is transmitting but i believe its something to do with the cat function.

    i dont have this problem when i try to receive GPS data on my linux x86 processor PC..this problem only happens on my ARM-cortex a8 processor Beagleboard.

    How do i stop transmission from the beagleboard to the GPS receiver and just receive ? is there a way..Someone please help!

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    What happens if you use dd instead of cat? IE: dd if=/dev/ttyUSB0
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