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    How to copy a laptop mousepad driver from Ubuntu to Suse ?

    I have two versions of linux I use now; one is a bootable Ubuntu 64bit on a flash drive and the other is a Suse 64 bit on a USB hard disk. I prefer to use Suse on the USB hard disk since I have everything I want installed on there, but I don't have full functionality of my mousepad on my laptop in Suse. Just the two buttons work, but when I double tap the pad it won't launch programs like it should. When I boot the same laptop with the Ubuntu flash drive I have full functionality of my mousepad, I can double tap it to launch programs and I don't have any problems with the mousepad. If I could find a way to copy the laptop mousepad driver off of Ubuntu and put in on my version of Suse it would solve my problems. I like Suse better than Ubuntu so that is the version of linux I would prefer to use.

    Is there any way I can do this?

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    More information is needed.

    Do you know the kernel driver name? If so it just might to be loaded on your SuSE system (if it was included in the kernel build as a module).

    Are the two systems using the exact same kernel version? If so it may be copied; however, the safest solution is to determine the kernel driver that is needed (can be done via the site Debian HCL; Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report which uses the output from the command "lspci -n" and will tell you information on the drivers needed for your hardware (and sometimes the first version of the kernel that had the driver present) and you will need to configure and build a kernel.

    If you are going to build a new kernel you should check if that install has the file "/proc/config.gz" present or not (as if it is present it contains the configuration data for the currently running kernel.

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    I figured out the problem the double tap is off by default in SUSE I just had to enable it.

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