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    Kernel Source Missing after CD install - how to install from CD

    First, let me say I am a Linux/Ubuntu newbie...

    I am getting the following error when trying to install National Instruments IEEE-488.2 Driver Package on an embedded controller using Ubuntu 9.04 (Due t:

    ******************************** ERROR ****************************************
    * Kernel source in /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/build does not appear to be
    * for the 2.6.28-11-generic kernel.
    * Ensure that kernel source for the 2.6.28-11-generic kernel is installed
    * and configured. Refer to the README file for the product you are *
    * installing for information about configuring your kernel source. *
    ******************************** ERROR ****************************************

    As best I can determine the Kernel Source is *not* installed.

    It is on the CD.

    How do I get the Kernel Source from the CD onto the Hard Drive in the right place.

    (Hand Holding & Step by Step would be greatly appreciated.)

    Yes... I am begging.

    Mike Sr.

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    Basically, I've now been told that, if I had a CD Install, that the Source is *not* on the CD.

    So, I can find 'packages' at

    But, have no idea ofwhat to download, bring in to work, and install it.

    I simply can't use sudo apt-get at work as there is no internet connectivity for Linux Machines at work.

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    Hello and Welcome.
    Get the newest version of Ubuntu if you can. It has more support for different hardware and your network might work right out of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTbob View Post
    Hello and Welcome.
    Get the newest version of Ubuntu if you can. It has more support for different hardware and your network might work right out of the box.
    As previously stated... This is on an embedded controller. This embedded controller has only 256mb of Ram. Runs 9.04 quite well. But, 9.10 crashed the install.

    So, no, updated to the latest and greatest is *not* possible.

    Now, what I have learned is that the Package Manager says the Source is installed. Apparently the NI script is not looking in the right place. Or, the Package Manager is lying. (Not sure I'd recognize the source directory if I stumbled onto it.)

    A find discovers this:
    mikesr@mikesr-desktop:/$ sudo find -iname version.h -print

    the script section of interest is this:
    Looking For:
    # find the kernel headers/source dir
    if [ $KERNELHEADERS ]; then
    elif [ -d "/lib/modules/$kernelVersion/build/include/linux" ]; then
    if [ -d "/lib/modules/$kernelVersion/source/include/linux" ]; then
    elif [ -d "/usr/src/linux-$kernelVersion/include/linux" ]; then
    elif [ -d "/usr/src/linux-$kernelMajor.$kernelMinor/include/linux" ]; then
    elif [ -d "/usr/src/kernels/$kernelVersion/include/linux" ]; then
    elif [ -d "/usr/src/linux/include/linux" ]; then
    echo "************************************ ERROR

    So, it would appear that my next task is to figure out how to modify the script to 'see' the directory in question.

    Again, I am a former Windows VB-6 guy taking on Python under Linux. And, I am *very* uncomfortable.

    Mike Sr.

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