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    Wubi Grub Rescue

    Today I was using my pc that runs Wubi to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I was on windows 7 and some programs stopped working right as I needed to leave so I opened the start menu and told it to go to sleep. The computer blue screened a short time later and now will not boot. When I try to boot it doesn't give me the option to pick ubuntu or windows 7, it just goes straight to saying "grub rescue > "

    Is there a way to fix this without losing everything? I was able to boot from an ubuntu cd and see all the files on my hard drive. Is it possible to just remove all of the ubuntu and wubi files? If I do this, will my computer immediately boot into windows 7 without errors?

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    Wubi installs Ubuntu as a program inside windows. Something happened to the Grub bootloader and if you were booting both windows and Ubuntu with Grub you will need to repair it. We don't have enough information to give specific instructions. You can go to the site below and read the instructions for using the bootinfoscript, download it and run it and then review the output (a results.txt file). If you don't understand it, post it here. You will need to use your Ubuntu or other Linux CD to do this.

    Boot Info Script | Free System Administration software downloads at

    You could also go to the Ubuntu site below which has instructions for reinstalling Grub2:

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    Boot up from Windows 7 installation CD/DVD and select “Repair my computer” option. Select your Windows installation, and from there select Command Prompt.

    Execute following commands at Command Prompt
    bootrec.exe /FixBoot
    bootrec.exe /FixMbr
    Reboot machine.

    Windows 7 will boot up by default. You can reinstall GRUB to enable dual boot again or uninstall Wubi.
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    Devils, the command bootrec.exe /Fixboot returned "Element not found."
    but the other command completed successfully.
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    I restarted my computer after executing that one command. This time it did give me the option to boot to windows or ubuntu and I chose windows. It asked me if I wanted to boot into safe mode and I chose yes. Then it recommended that I run windows startup repair and that is where I stand now. It is currently running the startup repair.
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    Sorry for the triple post.

    Here is where I stand. Windows startup repair was not able to fix the problem, I tried it twice. So I told it to just boot windows normally and for now it seems to be running just fine. I am going to remove wubi and all the linux stuff and hope that everything continues to run smoothly.

    Thanks for all of the help.

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