Pretty much an extreme Linux newbie here, and I'm not sure what I'm wanting to do is even possible. I have a multiboot usb 16gb PNY flashdrive I created with Yumi and I would also like to have a live antivirus and possibly some other distros included on the drive. I plan to use it as a sort of rescue system, and also a way to familiarize myself with Linux before possibly committing to a permanent installation.

But I'm running into a few issues with my hardware. Firstly, although my wireless mouse and keyboard combo (Logitech MX5000) work in CMOS and in the Plop boot manager, they don't function once Linux is booted. Also my wireless network adapter (Trendnet TEW-634PI) is not detected. I know I may be out of luck with the network adapter as I understand I would need to use ndiswrapper to install XP drivers, which sounds to me like I'd need persistence to do. But it seems much more feasible to get Linux to recognize my keyboard/mouse without much hassle. I was thinking maybe it would be possible to just add the appropriate drivers to the appropriate location in live system and Linux might do the rest?

I have looked a bit into remastering, but that isn't something I want to get into just yet since most of the remastering software I'm seeing seems to need to be run from within Linux.

Anyway, any and all help on the matter is greatly appreciated. I'm not necessarily looking for a quick fix. I intend to become proficient at Linux, but I thought it would be better to have a version I can just tinker around with for now.