# Content Scanners (Also known as AV scanners)
# These are plugins that scan the content of all files your browser fetches
# for example to AV scan. The options are limitless. Eventually all of
# DansGuardian will be plugin based. You can have more than one content
# scanner. The plugins are run in the order you specify.
# This is one of the few places you can have multiple options of the same name.
# Some of the scanner(s) require 3rd party software and libraries eg clamav.
# See the individual plugin conf file for more options (if any).

found the above in my dansguardian.conf file found http://demontek.wordpress.com/2011/0...ardian-webmin/ and DansGuardian - Content scanner that say how to use dansguardian with clamav. My question is how do i use avg's avgscan?