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    Network Slow Speeds(Ubuntu 11.10)

    I have just installed Ubuntu 11.10 after being a long time windows user. I really love the os but it seems that I have a problem with my connection. While I was using windows my d/l speed (through a speed test) was like 700 kb/s and while using linux it went down to max 100 kb/s. The other pcs in the house don't seem to face the same problem. Do you know what might be going wrong? ty

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    What type of hardware and what type of connection do you have? How do you connect?

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    I am using a wireless ADSL connection with a capability of 24 mbs but due to some local connection issues(old cords I think) it drops down to 7 mbs. My laptop is a toshiba satelite and I use the Realtek modem that it had when I bought it

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    I think it will help first to eliminate what it isn't.
    Not always easy, but you should try new cords/cables.
    Also, there is an newer Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu, which would probably be best to get. This newer version would have updated drivers, etc built into the kernel, which helps eliminate software origins of the problem.
    You should run the updater, and get v12.04. Ubuntu is is referenced by year code (12) and released twice a year, in April (04), and in October (10). Every two years, they release a long term support version, with two years of updates.
    At any rate, you could also try connecting by cable to the adsl instead of wirelessly. There are a ton of potential wireless problems which can be sidestepped and never encountered simply by using a cable.
    This wouldnt be a permanent thing, only until you have pinpointed where the issue is. Then you can fix whatever is causing the slowness, then start reintroducing things like wireless.
    Hope this helps, and I would give the same sort of advice to a windows user too.

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