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    Ubuntu Server - Windows permissions

    Hello i am trying to figure how i can give my windows machine permissions to open a folder on my nas server that has ubuntu server. My windows can see the shared folder and can open the shared folder but can not open anything inside that folder. how can i give my windows permission to do so.

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    It sounds like you need to properly set up the Samba share on your Ubuntu box. Check out the main configuration file, typically /etc/samba/smb.conf.

    It may be that you already have the share set up, but you also need to add a user. Do this using the smbpasswd command. This user (or a group) needs to be specified in the samba share.

    Also, you need to be sure that the file system permissions of the share are sufficient for the share to be writable.

    Be sure to restart Samba after making changes to the smb.conf file.

    If you need more help, post the samba config file contents, the file permissions of the directory you wish to share, and the samba user name.

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    I dunno it was working now i did somthing now i can not get into the folder at all ugh.. New at this linux stuff.. I could take screen shots of Samba if you like of the shared folder if you like.. I am using webmin

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    a screenshot would be okay, but in this case just copy-pasting the pertinent text into a post would be better.

    show the output of these commands:

    # display samba config file
    cat /etc/samba/smb.conf
    # show directory permissions
    ls -ld /path/to/samba/share
    # see if SELinux is enabled
    be sure to enclose the output in the CODE tags to make it easier to read.

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