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    packages and repositories

    Thanks for the help on my earlier question. In the same vein, here's another.

    There is an antivirus company which we will call ABC, Ltd. On their web site, free dot abc dot com forward-slash us-en forward-slash download.prd-alf, they have an anti-virus program for Linux named abc2012-blah-blah-0blah.i386.deb.

    I use their product for my MS-windows machines and I want to get it for my Linux machine as well. How do I make this address available to Software Sources so I can install it?

    I've already tried downloading the file and installing with Gdebi package installer, but when I run dpkg -L it doesn't find an installation. apt-get returns file not found. I don't find the program in Synaptic or in the Ubuntu Software Center. (Running Ubuntu 10.04).

    Is what I need to do called "adding repository"? If so, how? If not, what DO I need to do?

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    If you already downloaded the .deb file, just open a console terminal, go to folder where the .deb file is and type sudo dpkg -i abc2012-blah-blah-0blah.i386.deb. Dpkg should install it from there.

    Good luck

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    And it is possible that your file manager is already configured to auto-install .deb files if you double click on the file in the manager.
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