Hi all,

i have problem to open lubuntu softeware center i press to open it and it dont responde( dont open). this happent since a sing appears next to my clock (red circle with a white vertical line).
i cant install the updates also error :

E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/gr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_main_i1 8n_Translation-el, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

from terminal i try to install and i get this error :

Ανάγνωση Λιστών Πακέτων... Σφάλμα!
E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/gr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_main_i1 8n_Translation-el
E: Αδύνατο το άνοιγμα ή η ανάλυση των λιστών πακέτων ή του αρχείου κατάστασης.

does someone know how to solve it?

thnx, and sorry for my bad english