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    Upgrading java (concern)

    How is everyone doing? I just had a quick question.

    Im not sure if i should update or not as im afraid it may mess other applications up. Should i just stay with 6 or upgrade to 7 jdk? I appreciate any input

    i have 6 installed, but i see 7 in the software center

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    If it's working, I'd suggest you leave it alone. I tried to reinstall my openJRE6 and it really messed up my system. I had to reinstall the whole OS. But then, I don't really know the difference.

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    You can run both side by side. I am on my system. It is possible to take 6 out. But when I got to looking in to trying to take 6 out it looked like a big hassle with the real possibilty of breaking a lot of stuff and having to spend a lot of time doing repairs. So I just installed 7. If I'm looking at all my system calls correctly stuff like Libre Office is still using 6 and Firefox is using 7. It's not an ideal situation. But it keeps all of your system side stuff working and gives you the newer (and hopefully) more secure version of Java pointing towards the web interface where you are the most exposed to potential cross platform Java malware.

    BTW: I'm not sure if when 8 comes out I'll end up having to keep 6 and 7. I could see that happening if I install something new and it decides it needs 7 instead of 6 and taking 7 out would create a lot of hassles. But, I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

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