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    Question Port forwarding assistance.

    Hello all, im trying to get optimum performance for transmission, but i cant seem to properly open my ports. Here are a couple screen shots
    **unable to post screenshots

    Where it is labeled Lan ip address it only allows me to type in 3 im a little lost on what goes there and im unsure if thats what is causing the problem. but im hoping someone will be able to tell me what im doing wrong.

    P.S - It is a Belkin router

    I appreciate any assistance/input

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    Which OS are you using? Which are you forwarding? What are you trying to accomplish?

    These terminal commands may be useful: (without quotes of course)
    "ifconfig" will tell you your computers (local) IP address (look for inet addr under eth0 or wlan0 if using wireless)
    it should look something like '192.168.0.***'. Enter those numbers in IP, which port you want to send TO in LAN, and which port you want to route in PUBLIC.

    "" will tell you your ISP or EXTERNAL address (which is irrelevant, but useful).

    I assume you know how to get into the router's config?
    "route" will tell you the address of your router (look for default->gateway). Type that number into your browser to get your routers settings.

    You might have a software firewall blocking it too.
    "sudo ufw status" will tell you if any ip's or ports are blocked by your firewall.

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    Have you checked out
    That may be able to help further with your specific model as the belkin web GUI can be all over the place depending on what version you have.
    Hope this helps.

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    A screenshot would be most helpful. Consider posting your screenshot to or flickr or etc., then link posting the link here. You can use "hxxp" in place of "http" when you insert the link into your post to avoid the forum spam-blocking software.

    As an alternative, provide the specific model number of your Belkin router. That way, we may attempt to locate the manual for it online and follow along that way.

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