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    ubuntu 12.10 freezes on loading (logo) screen while installing from CD

    I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop (Toshiba A-665 ... 4gigs RAM, nividia gforce GTS350M,core-i7 1.7 GHz processor), but the liveCD boot freezes through the purple loading screen (with the logo on it)... EVERY TIME. I've checked the image, the LiveCD and re-downloaded / rewritten the ISO about a thousand times now. Conclusion: the ISO is fine, the media is fine. The ubuntu live environment just WILL NOT BOOT, i even tried to install other Distros of linux (Ubuntu 12.10, Opensuse 12.2) and both of them gave me the same problem exactly.

    To clarify:

    I turn on my laptop push F12 to select CD\DVD as boot device ubuntu boot screen (with the little circle and the flash drive or whatever), a little cursor at top left (about 3-5 seconds here), the purple appears, starts filling uup those orange Dots, the icon stops filling At this point the the CD Drive stops spinning, as does the disk-usage light on my laptop. And i can't open the DVD Drive tray, with no response AT ALL. No "could not find this, that, or the other thing" errors. No response at all from the keyboard, I have to hold down the power button to reboot.

    I get exactly the same results with using different video modes and kernel options.

    please help !!

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    Hold shift and try to boot with the 'nomodeset', that might work.
    I had a similiar issue with this before because I had a Nvidia gpu.

    This is a copy paste of the description of what nomodeset does.

    The newest kernels have moved the video mode setting into the kernel. So all the programming of the hardware specific clock rates and registers on the video card happen in the kernel rather than in the X driver when the X server starts.. This makes it possible to have high resolution nice looking splash (boot) screens and flicker free transitions from boot splash to login screen. Unfortunately, on some cards this doesnt work properly and you end up with a black screen. Adding the nomodeset parameter instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS modes instead until X is loaded.

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    nomodeset may help.

    The alternative install CD may help.

    The minimal install CD would be a breeze if you have a few basic *nix chops.

    You can also try the BIOS and see if there are any features that will let you turn off the DGPU or Optimus.

    And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but from a little research on the net it looks like this is an Optimus machine. If you get really lucky you'll have options in the BIOS to turn that crap off.

    Otherwise you're in for some headaches.

    None of them are unsolvable. But if you want to put *nix on this machine this will not be a quick, easy setup. You're going to have to rollup your sleeves and dig around in the guts of *nix a bit.

    Trouble shooting all the issues with Optimus has taught me tons about *nix.

    If you can get it installed and can't turn off Optimus in the BIOS drop me a PM and I'll drop you some links and pointers that will get you off the ground a lot faster than I did.

    BTW, Ubuntu 12.04.1 with an upgrade to the Quantal (12.10) repackaged kernel is, IMHO, a good route to go with these types of machines with hardware headaches. That's what finally let me get my Dell straightened out. But even that is not a one off / install and go solution. It still takes a little work. But, it was way easier than anything else I tried.

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    thank you very much for the information ....... my laptop dosen't have an optimus gpu, it is equiped with only one gpu that is (geforce gts350m) ..... anyway !! ........ i tried to install the ubuntu 12.04 lts and i got to the installation interface using "xforcevesa" ... i just didn't have time to complete it !!
    i'll try to complete it as soon as possible an let you know if any problem occurs to me .... again ... thank you !!

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    Well you don't state the exact model of A-665 that you have, that makes it harder to be more specific. I was doing a quick check earlier and I was wrong: The GTS350M is a Hybridpower-SLI chip. This was the precurser to Optimus. Similar idea, but not the exact same tech.

    A lot will depend on the exact sub-model of A-665 that you have. To be honest I have no direct experience with how Hybridpower-SLI is handled by *nix.

    But, according to this blog post you're going to have a lot of the same headaches that I did.

    You should actually have two GPUs in this system: 1 DGPU (Discrete) / Nvidia and 1 IGPU (Integrated) / Intel. All of this "power saving" crap (Hybridpower / Optimus) replaces the hardware multiplexer with a software multiplexer to switch between the two chips and that's where the headaches come in.

    The exact nature of the headaches depend on several variables.

    To get up and running I would suggest installing Ubuntu 12.04 from the GUI or alternate CD using the vesa driver with no third party software. (You can always add what you need later.)

    Update the system then follow these directions (4th answer down / synpatic method) to update to the newer kernel.

    After you have a functioning system that can boot in to X then you'll have a place to start working from.

    And you may want to go with an XFCE desktop. It has a few minor quirks. But, over all I have found it much easier to work with than other DEs when trouble shooting these types of issues. You may want to try Xubuntu or a command line install from the minimal CD and just flesh out your own re-mix from scratch. (My own remix is how I finally got my headaches solved.)

    After you have a base line / bootable unit look in to Bumblebee, Ironhide, VGA Switcheroo and Primus to see if they can offer any help with potential Hybridpower-SLI issues.

    Also, be advised that some of these work arounds can cause some OpenGL issues which are addressed here.

    Hopefully that will point you in the right direction.

    Give us a yell if you need help.

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