When I first tried devils casper's xorg.conf file I got an Input Signal out of Range warning, but still displayed my desktop. I quickly downloaded the PL1910M manual for the recommended HorizSync and VertRfresh ranges (30-80 and 56-75). Also changed the driver from "vesa" to "vesafb".
Boot-up now produces no out of range warning and inside the GUI when I go to Displays I see that I'm running at 1280x1024 (wasn't an option before), with options of 1024x768 and 800x600 still available. Very cool, thanks for that quick fix!

Interesting side note, I can boot up whether my Primary Video adapter is set to PCI or PEG (PCIe) in the BIOS. That is kind of strange. My motherboard (very old) must also not disable the internal (IGD) graphics adapter when PCI/PEG is selected like newer motherboards do.

lsmod does not show any mtx or agpgart drivers loaded. It does show vesafb loaded (and why I chose vesafb above). It also shows several lines related to i915 for video. So that is why I assume the internal graphics adapter is not disabled by BIOS and still being detected and drivers loaded by the kernel.

I did a full file system search for matroxconfig. Not found. So I really need to decide if I want to install the vendors drivers or just be happy with my current xorg.conf file. Is there anything else you suggest I add to the xorg.conf file guys?