The basic concept behind working on this project is to make and implement an infrastructure which would constitute of multiple servers - file server , mail server, web server And database server. Each of this server will be distributed/replicated accross multiple old not so used systems of the institute ( less processing power ) . It will basically comprise of a load balancer serving cluster of servers. As a basic platform for the execution of this project we need to focus on the use of a open source operating system (in our case, Ubuntu). The high availaibility and security will also be taken into consideration. Fulfilling the basic criteria of traffic management and failure resistance in a cost effective manner . A basic block diagram of web server cluster has been attached above.

(We are already done with setting up the ftp and web server cluster!)

It would be quite helpful for the project if we get to know the actual setup in the industrial world and if our project is feasible compared to the same.

The given are the points on which would like to have your advice..

The servers which are mainly setup In the industry ?
What is the architecture like ?
What is the workload each server handles ?
H/w configuration of server?
Is implentation of the clustering efficient?
Estimated cost, which is spent on the servers?
What are the basic requirements in the industry as far as servers are concerned?

Any suggestions from your side would surely make a big difference . . . Lastly, is there anything else we should be focusing on!