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    Several Questions About Linux (ubuntu)

    I have a couple of questions about ubuntu linux. Number 1 when one is using ubuntu and it alerts you that a newer version is available and you can update your existing version to it. Should you? Number 2 is linux fast? I realize that this question may seem dumb but when I was using 11.10 on my desktop I couldn't tell any difference in speed verses the windows vista I also had installed. The Vista was a 32 bit and the Linux was a 64 bit. According to what I read or think I read the Linux at 64 bit should be faster. Number 3 I know you can make a live CD and a Live USB drive for Linux but is it possible to install Linux on an external hard drive or flash drive? My reason is, I don't have enough experimental computers (old computers) laying around that I can experiment on. I think virtual machines are cool, even though I haven't tried one. I think duel booting is cool, though in my limited experience I found it annoying since I couldn't get the grub to switch the boot sequence around. (I tried the terminal command line someone online gave me, and it didn't work. I also tried to look for the program that How To Geek suggested in one of their articles and I couldn't find one for my version of Linux) I just thought that maybe I could install it on either an external hard drive or big flash drive, it would be good way for me to learn it without taking as big of a risk at messing things up on my good computers. I know what it is like to uninstall Linux, if you do it right it isn't so bad but you got to do it just right or you will end up doing a full format and reinstall of windows which is what I ran into last time, since I hadn't taken the time to look up a how to guide. I thought "I did this once successfully I should be able to remember how to do it again. Nope!"

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    1. There's no immediate need to upgrade to the latest version. You can take it as a simple notice that the newer version is ready and waiting. Just make sure to backup all of your important data before upgrading.
    2. Yes, Linux is fast. You may no notice it while using your computer for simple day to day activity like emailing or browsing the web. But Linux does a great job of utilizing available system resources. There is also no noticeable fragmentation of the disc, or any system-rot over time.
    3. Yes. Very possible, and a popular option among Linux users. Do a few web-searches for "Install Linux to external drive" and you'll find plenty of good How-Tos.

    As for the GRUB issues, take a look here. It's the best written article concerning GRUB management that I've found, so far.
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    Hello and welcome aboard!

    1) some users in the past that have tried to upgrade/update immediately after fresh installs have run into various problems; I prefer to tweak my system and create a full system backup before going for any large upgrades/updates.

    2) it seems fast to me, but that could be a matter of perspective; I don't feel any noticeable speed difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems; the best way to learn about linux is to install it, and get a feel for it by using it

    3) liveCDs and liveUSBs are often used for checking out various distributions; yes, linux can be installed on external discs; you shouldn't have to uninstall linux, but instead can simply install over it, or delete the linux partitions, although sometimes you might have to restore your desired bootloader

    Hope you'll have fun running linux...

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