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    Transferring files from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11 machine on a network

    I am new to Linux and wanted to know how can i tranfer files from my windows 7 machine to Linux.

    1. The computers are on diff network (i know the IPs)
    2. I have Putty and WinSCP3 on my windows machine but whenever i try to connect it says Network Error: connection refused
    3. When i try to ping from windows to Linux machine it goes well
    4. firewall is disabled on linux machine(enabling gave the same problem) and i have opened port 22, 23

    What are my options?

    note: i cannot download any tool/sofware from internet or linux repository

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    Hi and welcome

    The standard way of connecting to a remote linux is ssh.
    Therefore a openssh daemon *ususally* is installed and runs.

    Is there a way you can ensure sshd runs? Maybe login locally and call
    ps auwwx |grep ssh
    netstat -tunlp |grep 22
    If sshd is running and you still get a connection refused, then there most likely is a firewall blocking the access.
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