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    Ubuntu - Gnome MOTD at Login

    I'm new to Ubuntu... and basically coming back to play with Linux after a while...

    One of my many problems with Ubuntu right now is that I can't get the MOTD to display either during boot up or during logins. I need to have this implemented and I am not finding any good direction on the Ubuntu forums at all. If anyone knows anything about this type of config please help me out.

    I know where the motd file is, I just don't know what config file in gnome I need to edit to make it display at login.


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    Does your version of Ubuntu use GNOME's GDM login manager? I believe there is a way to configure a login banner using it. There is mention made of it here.

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    Honestly I'm not certain, I do see the /etc/gdm folder with a bunch of files under it, including custom.conf and Xsession. The instructions on the post you recommended are not very clear to me, it seems like these are commands run from the CLI, but I don't know if this will apply to every existing user on this system and if it will apply to every new user created. I would have thought that there would be some file configuration to copy the text message I want to display and save that and then that file or script would be called upon every login session.

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    Ok, after much research and trial and error I found a solution, this specifically for Ubuntu however:

    In order to display the MOTD in Ubuntu Linux, which is a real pain! The following must be done:

    make sure the MOTD DOD message is already copied into the /etc/motd file then edit /etc/gdm/Xsession script to include the following code:

    if [ -f /etc/motd ]; then
    /usr/bin/xmessage -buttons Accept -default Accept -file /etc/motd -center
    This will display the MOTD when users login, with only the Accept button to click before they can get to the desktop.

    It worked for me! whew!
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    Ah, an xmessage call. kind of hacky, but it works!

    Just a thought: there is also zenity, which does the same thing as xmessage, but is more GNOME-ish (well, GTK, really) in appearance.

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