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    Combine Filesystems, Lubuntu

    Alrighty, so my issue's a simple one. Simple in that it's easy to understandof course, not simple as in I'm nearly competent enough to fix it without some assistance. I've done a bit of Google searching, but most of what I came up with had lots of scary words that I was pretty sure would dismantle whatever black magic holds my computer together and also somehow set it on fire in the process.

    So, I used to have Windows on my PC alongside Linux. It broke. I used a program to delete it. Now I have a very potentially handy, very (From my perspective) useless 50 GB filesystem that I can't touch. I mean, I can mount it, and I can save files to it, but jumping things back and forth between the two takes up an unnecessary amount of time and just seems inefficient. I emptied it before typing this out, because that just seemed like a good idea. To the best of my knowledge, I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, and that's roughly all the pertinent information I can give. So could someone help me, pretty please with sugar and lo-cal sprinkles on top?

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    I'm not sure that I follow what you are wanting to do and your desired result, but if you are wanting to expand your current filesystem to include any unused space on your hard drive, you can use gparted to handle that chore, and it's best to run it from a liveCD such as Parted Magic. The app gives you a nice GUI to see what you are doing and instructions for using it can be found here:

    Sorry if I've misunderstood your objective.

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