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    TTY bugged out when resuming from sleep

    I am experiencing a bug with Ubuntu 12.04.2 server 64bit. Console bugs out ( I can type things, but apart from that, nothing else works.) when I resume from sleep. This happens because the /home folder is in NAS and if I disconnect the LAN to make it fall back to local /home folder, this issue disapears.

    This does not happen on the other PC that runs Backtrack R3. It successfully resumes everything even with /home on NAS.

    Any suggestions other than a reinstall?

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    Hello, I've never used Ubuntu Server. However, I'm having the same issue and in my case I've noticed it is because there was a problem I was not awared of when creating swap partition. In my case I think the only solution would be for reinstall as I've tried to re-format that partition and it fails somehow.

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    I can't believe that Linux is no different from Windows in this regard. Got a problem? Format and reinstall. While there is a slim chance that even the strangest issue in Windows has some solution lying around somewhere in some corner of internet, not so with Linux.

    However, it is more painful to do so in linux than in Windows. Over time I have created and modified lots of custom scripts in /home and /etc that I have forgotten about.
    While /home can safely be copied, is it same with /etc? Also, Backtrack repository is slow, I'd rather use Ubuntu but not sure which version is free of this bug. I see that Bcktrack 5 R3 is Ubutu 10.04. Lucid desktop support will close next month but server will be supported until 2015. Should I downgrade?
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    I have upgraded to 12.10 Desktop and the issue has disapeared. No use beating self over dead issue.

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