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    Wireless to Ethernet - Jargon has got me lost !

    I think such a device exits but I don't know what its called.

    The local Celular phone mast is near by. The company than runs it offers a giszmo that picks up the signal and offers its as WiFi. (no ethernet ports).

    As the speed is up to 7MB/s is 7 times fast than Broadband on copper wire here !

    as several on my computers are not WiFi ready but do have an ethernet port I need a box that can receive the WiFi signal, and has also Ethernets ports !

    It would be great if I could plug these computers into the box, and the box connect them to internet using WiFi.


    Does such a Box exist ?

    What is it called ?

    Any thoughts greatfully received !


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    I believe what you want is a wireless bridge. It would basically connect your Ethernet and then send it out over wireless transmission.

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    Hi, the cell device they are offering you is made to take advantage of its mobility. If you are not to going to use it like that, ask the cell company if they do have a "router" available. Many do and it is just like any home router with wifi and some ethernet ports, only that it takes its signal from the cell tower.

    Good luck

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    Hi there. You might be looking for a wireless bridge. It will connect to the wifi, and bridge that connection over ethernet. You can get them for around $60 US.

    Another option is, if you have a PC that you don't mind leaving on all the time that has both wireless and ethernet is to setup that machine as a router. For this, it would be easiest to have a desktop switch, which can be found for $15-20 US. Each ethernet device plugs into the switch.

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    Wireless bridge seems to be ideal ! I'll check that out !

    Many many thanks to you all !


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