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    vesafb/kernel issue unable to get past session selection

    I've been searching for an answer for a couple days and if this has been covered, please forgive me and please point me in the right direction.

    The other night, I was doing cleanup before imaging my partition, as I usually do with bleachbit, janitor, and removing a couple cache directories. This time, the only thing I changed was I included "localizations" in bleachbit. My system seemed to lose every graphical quality and I rebooted. Upon rebooting, I get the following error I've seen documented abundantly: "FAIL: Error inserting vesafb (/location/vesafb.ko) No such device". I had this before and gave up, ultimately restoring from a previous clone zilla image. This time, unfortunately, I can't because I have a plethora of data not backed up that I need access to.

    I've seen plenty of posts on this and all the recommendations don't work. Upon boot, it no longer boots directly into the OS, rather takes me to a login window, it attempts to login after so many seconds, I get the error and a black screen, it takes me back to the login window, and repeats.

    I have the boot menu hidden with startup manager and need to get to it or a command line to repair, recover, etc. I've tried all recommendations I've seen of depressing "shift", "esc", and even someone mentioning "alt+ctrl+f1". The latter didn't seem to do anything while trying during startup. However, when I depress "shift", I see "Grub loading." and nothing after. It attempts to go back to the login screen and it's cyclical repetition of annoyance.

    I tried booting from a live cd, mounting sda1, and tried to update grub but don't think it is updating anything but the live cd space. How can I get to a point to update grub, get to a command line from boot to run a set of commands, or edit the cfg file from a prompt to type the necessary information to edit out vesafb,

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    As an update, I've gotten to the live cd and updated grub. I now have a boot menu if I hold shift down but that's it - same errors, same everything... Any ideas?
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