I've found lots of stuff on the web about this. But, the recommended fix is not working for me.

Basically, if I log in to and out of one vpn then when I try to log in to another vpn I get an invalid secrets error and can't log in to any other vpn until I reboot. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I made the policy change, but it had no effect.

Some folks claim that restarting the network manager between connection attempts will do the trick. But, that's not working for me either.

I tried restarting the openvpn service; that did not work.

I also tried stopping openvpn, restarting network-manager and starting openvpn. That also did not work.

I'm stuck and it is a total pain in the neck to have to reboot my system just to change vpn's.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.