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    UEFI Installation - HP Envy X2 PC

    Computer: HP Envy X2 PC
    Product Number: c7n83av
    Processor: Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU z2760 1.8GHz
    Total Memory: 2GB
    Bios Version: F.07
    Bios Vendor: Insyde

    I am trying to install any Distro of linux that will work. I would like to get linux on in order to get full use of the hardware. Win8 has a tendency to slow down a lot after a few hours of use sue to not closing programs but instead moving them to the background.

    I have tried installing Ubuntu 12 and Fedora18 both of which claim EFI support. out of the two Ubunut was hte only one to even get close with showing a dual boot screen. however when i select Ubuntu to try and finish the installation (using a efi boot image from USB) it reverts to the windows boot manager and fails to load.
    if i try to boot directly from the usb or cd neither are recognized in the advanced boot options.
    I was only able to get the Ubuntu dual boot to show by installing the Help me boot option from the usb prior to rebooting.

    I have been tryng everything i can think of over the last 3 days and am at a brick wall here.

    Secure boot has been disabled and enabled on multiple attempts with no change.

    I suppose my questions is this, has anyone been able to get a Distro to work on this model of laptop/tablet hybrid? if so how, any ideas on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

    if you need anything from me just ask. I will be on here for a while.


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    Have you tried to disable secure boot in the BIOS? It should be possible on X86 systems. I have also read a tech magazine article about installing secure-boot enabled Linux distributions recently - infoworld perhaps. Not sure. I'll try to dig it up and post a link to it here. No promises - busy at work and heading to granddaughter's wedding this Friday. It may be next week before I can find it.
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