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    playing around with Server v. ??

    So I finally put together my nice 'dream' gaming pc last year. lots of non-essential parts just for the aesthetics and what not etc. Have been moving around a bunch so haven't had much of a chance to utilize my machine. I'm finally settled in for about another year or so, so I decided it was time to do something with my old, yet highly functional, pc.

    I am looking to run ubuntu server (I think 12.04 is my best bet right??) just to learn more of its aspects and for backups/multiple access points/redundancy/cohesiveness. I know I can basically do the same with the desktop release and just add applications but I'd rather do it through ubuntu server.

    Here is what I was thinking. Keep my current 250GB hdd for the os and get two 1tb drives (putting them in raid 0) to make access time faster, although I probably wouldn't be able to tell without running tests, and then having them get backed up nightly(ish) onto a large external drive through something like fbackup if possible.

    Sorry for the long post but I guess my questions are regarding raid and backup, ease of access to all my files from either a windows or a linux os, and what kind of drives would work best. This won't be a workload intensive project but I would like my drives and system not to fail. My main focus would be to access my music and specific documents from whichever location I'm at.


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    Raid 0 (stripped) means that if ONE drive fails BOTH drives are none-usable and your data is lost. Buy two 2T and use Raid 1 (mirrored). One drive failure does not kill the data (but two drives at once would).

    Better yet would be buying four 1Tb drives and use raid 10 (mirrored strips).

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